Backyard Oregon


About Us

Mission Statement
Backyard Oregon was born out of the realization that our ability to fight cancer is not dependent on our age, occupation, or financial status in life. We consider a donation as much more than a monetary exchange; it is a commitment to a larger mission, an attempt to make a difference in the world no matter how big or small. Each of us possesses the capacity to make a positive impact in the lives of others. To view a world in which you are personally capable of changing as anything less than your responsibility is not only naïve and unsustainable – it is impossible. 

Matt Kaiser || Writer & Photographer
Currently completing his masters degree at Oregon State University in applied toxicology with plans to attend medical school and specialize in pediatric oncology. In addition to being a full time student, Matt works as a research fellow at the Linus Pauling Institute in the Cancer Chemoprevention Program studying the genetic defense mechanisms of colon cancer and is now investigating the anticancer effects of high dose vitamin C. When he is not working in the lab, Matt enjoys combining his passion for adventure and landscape photography as he explores the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Krista DeSmith || Developer & Social Media Coordinator
The muscle behind Backyard Oregon, handling the logistics, web design, and systems operations. Krista is a validation engineer at Intel, making computers faster one line of code at a time. Her education in electrical engineering and knack for creativity are perfect complements, making Krista a self proclaimed professional tinkerer. She uses her skills to build everything from custom light fixtures to websites. It seems only waffles, sunny bike rides, and the promise of ice cream can steal this girl away from her workshop.